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About Liquid Light Studios

Liquid light studios specializes in three-dimensional renderings and walk thru's for the architecture, interior design, and real estate industries. LLS provides state-of-the-art visualization service to its clients by bringing their development to life virtually, long before construction begins. Through the integration of computer technology and creativity, we provide realism and clarity to aid in decision-making and communication.

Originally conceived in 1996 as a broadcast animation studio, LLS quickly put its name on the map by animating the "Dancing Baby" on Fox's prime time show Ally McBeal. Soon recognizing the emergence and advancement of the digital media as a solution to many of the problems facing architects and developers, LLS switched its focus to 3D pre-visualization.

An award-winning studio, LLS applies years of former film and television experience to hold its development projects, setting it apart from the competition. Photo-real environments and special visual techniques are applied to make every project unique.

Client List —

Caruso Affiliated Los Angeles Ca

Community Dymanics Carson Ca

Roger Development Miami FL

The Walt Disney Company Burbank Ca

Aspen Properties Carlsbad Ca

Merlone Geier Partners Montclair Ca

Mariner/Gate House Capital PA

Ritz Carlton Dallas TX

Hawaiiana Development HI